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Why photographers need a website? Know 5 best reason.

When you think your photography as a business, you should ask few questions yourself e.g.
Will your photography business look professional, without having a website? How will you showcase your work? Where will you land traffic from social media pages? From where your client will buy your photos? Where will you share your knowledge about photography skills?How will you rank on search engines? How your clients will refer you to his friends or family?
I think now you have an idea what I want to prove here. It’s a technological age, and it is just expected that any legitimate business will have a website. People love to go online and search things out before they commit to anything or anyone. And that includes you. Custom photography is an investment, and people want to know where they’re putting their hard-earned money. Show your prospects that you are worth your salt by having a website up and ready.

Some photographers ask me that I’m on social media, isn’t that enough?
It’s good to have on social media sites. Social media is amazing for networking, finding new people to work with, and promoting your work; but people will still ask you if you have a website that you can point them to so that they can check you out further and really get a feel for what it is that you do. If you send them to your website which showcases your all work beautifully, they’re going to be impressed, they’re going to tell their friends, and they’re going to keep you in mind should they require any of your products or services in the future.

Here are 5 best reasons to have your professional website:

Build Your Brand
Even though you already have a strong social presence, it is not building a professional image and branding for your business. All these sources of online presence are casual. A professional website builds your brand and gives you full control of how you represent yourself and your work to your prospects and clients. When clients hire you, they are hiring you for more than your pictures: they are hiring you for YOU. Your personality. Your style. If you brand yourself properly, they get a sense of comfort from knowing what to expect. This will be a key tool for prospective clients to get familiar with who you are before they hire you.

Promote Your Work
When you have a professional website, you are all set to hit the jackpot! Promote your services, content, photo-products, images, ebooks, albums on social media sites alongside the website. This way you actively promote your business on multiple platforms and generate income without putting in much effort.

Educate Your Potential Clients and Fellow Photographers
The creative artists learn a lot from the fellow artists. And your website can serve as an appropriate platform to give back to the community, probably by running articles and write-ups on valuable tips, trick, and techniques about photography. This step helps in building your authority as the photographer too! People always love real content.

To Sell Your Work
When you don’t have your own website, you look out to stock photography websites for selling the images. In the process, stock photography websites take away a huge part of the income made by your images and you’re paid just about 30-40% of the earning as a commission. Why face such a loss? Step ahead and invest in a website to direct all your hard earned money to your own pocket.

To Gain More Visibility Round The Globe
The benefits of having a website does not end here. It has more for your business — having a website improves your business and brand’s online visibility. The users can Google you from any corner of the world and learn about you and your services. And thus get you more business from any nook and corner of the world.

I think now you have an idea of having a good website for photographers. 

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